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Fair Forward: Interview with Helen Toomer


On the heels of her debut as director of PULSE Contemporary Art Fair, former gallerist and constant visionary Helen Toomer talks to us about this year's edition and the prospect of the future. 

How do you see this year being different from last year's fair?

This upcoming fair will mark my first year in the directorship. Since I came on board, I don't think the vision of PULSE has changed, but obviously, it is physically evolving. 

What, in your view, is the focus of PULSE—or the fair's niche?

PULSE has always been a place for discovery and connectivity. The focus is always on the artists, on connecting them and our gallerists to our collectors, curators, and press.

Kim Keever's  Abstract 6767 , 2014, on view at Pulse, New York

Kim Keever's Abstract 6767, 2014, on view at Pulse, New York

Can you tell us a little bit more about this edition’s focus on the future?

The art world is always talking about “the next greats” or “the future top 10 artists,” so we wanted to discuss the future in more organic terms. We did this by gathering a group of curators to discuss what the future means to them in terms of curating the artists and the artwork and how their role within the community is evolving.

How are the two fairs (Miami and New York) in dialogue and how do they differ from each other?

 New York has an expansive, inbuilt community of people—culturally curious people—who are not even necessarily in the art industry. Because of the cultural capital there, people gather more easily. Obviously, in Miami, there is an arts community that is growing, and I’m really interested in how that’s growing, but because people largely descend upon Miami, there’s a different energy.

Text by Lauren Pellerano Gomez. This article originally appeared in Cultured Magazine.