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BLUE: Poems at BABF 2017 (Edition of 20)

Blue by Lauren Pellerano Gomez_Creative Differences™_2017.jpg

BLUE is a collection exploring color as feeling. Poems and fragments present a non-linear narrative recalling: a sentiment, a loss, an expanse of time, a possibility.

Text by Lauren Pellerano Gomez @thedifferenceisspreading
Product Design by Close Enough Lab @close_enough_lab
Illustrations by Mixed Greens @mixedgreensla

Produced for the inaugural Boston Art Book Fair
Boston Center for the Arts
October 20 - 22, 2017

Special thanks to Randi Hopkins, Richard Gregg, Sam Potrykus, Camilo Alvarez, Mark Pearson, and Oliver Mak.

© Creative Differences
(Edition of 20)

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Lauren Gomez